Rules & Regulations

Harbor Rules & Regulations

Town Docks: These are located on the Manset (SWly) shore, and two on the NNEly shore. The lower town dock is just North of the C.G. Base & Beal’s wharf. The upper town dock is located in the NNEly upper corner of the Harbor. Tie-up times are clearly marked on the floats and the Harbor Master asks that you please observe them. Any questions or problems, please call him at 244-7913.

Town Rental Moorings: Are available, please call and the Harbor Master will direct you to one. Also, rental moorings may be available through other marine services in the Harbor. The Harbor Master can refer you to them. Slip space is available at Great Harbor Marina. Call them on Ch. 9 VHF or on your cellular phone at 244-0117.

Speed Limit: The harbor speed limit is 5 knots. As of 2002, the speed limit has been extended to include the waters between Clark Point & Greenings Island. Please watch your wake!

Fuel, Ice & Water: Are available at Hinckley’s on the Western side of the Harbor and at Beal’s Docks on the Eastern side adjacent to the Coast Guard Base, and at Southwest Lobster’s Docks further up the Harbor.

Anchoring: Within the Harbor is prohibited without the express consent of the Harbormaster.